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Ultra-High Performance Tires in Truckee, NV

If you drive a sports car or luxury vehicle, you most likely use ultra high performance tires. UHP tires are designed for vehicles and drivers who like to push the limits on the road all while keeping the best grip, traction and performance possible.

What are ultra-high performance tires?

UHP tires are made for luxury or high end performance driven vehicles. They have a max speed rating of 149mph or more. The rubber is usually offered in larger diameters with shorter sidewalls for a great visual look. They are also manufactured with a specialized extra sticky rubber compound, to help provide that top notch traction on the road.

Having wider contact patches, enhanced rubber design combined offers the absolute best grip a performance tire can get.

UHP Tread life

On the flip side, because of this impressive grip and traction performance, the tradeoff comes down to tread life. The enhanced traction on the road means the tires will wear faster than your average summer or all season tire, which means they will need to be replaced more often.

If you are thinking about getting a set of Ultra high performance tires for your vehicle, take into account the amount of driving that you do, and your typical driving conditions.

For more information, contact Automotion today! We can set your ride up with the best ultra high performance tires for your vehicle, budget and driving habits.

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