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Digital Vehicle Inspection in Yerington, NV

Digital Vehicle Inspections

Digitization is a hot issue in the automotive business and auto shops, and you’ve probably heard the word “Digital Vehicle Inspection,” or “DVI,” spoken in community groups, podcasts, or seminars. Inspections done by technicians utilizing a tablet device to record the results are known as digital vehicle inspections (DVI). The inspection findings are manually printed and entered into a shop management system (SMS) on some systems. The finest inspection software will automatically save the findings and suggestions to the customer’s profile.

Technicians at Automotion Service and Repair go through an intensive inspection process, noting any needed repairs or maintenance in the designated section.This allows us to avoid the purge for paper inspections and obtain total independence from bothersome paper clips, pencils, paper inspection sheets, and clipboards. With the use of digital vehicle inspection software, we are able to manage properly, make comments and estimates, attach images and videos, and then text or email the report to you with a single click, which makes us very reliable.

Let’s take a moment to glance through some of the benefits of Digital Vehicle Inspection:

  1. Issues with Paper InspectionsPaper inspections are a continual struggle. Each auto shop’s vehicle inspection form will be unique. The history and outcomes of car inspections might be complicated when working with numerous experts and locations over time. This is why you need an auto shop that implements DVI in order to be able to avoid a whole lot of paper inspections, which can end up confusing you. Contact Automotion Service and Repair in Yerington, NV for more information.
  2. Improved Communication Have you ever struggled to explain your vehicle condition to your mechanic? You’ve probably either lost money due to extra unnecessary vehicle part replacement or repair or maybe you have probably wasted your time. Digital car inspections make it easier for technicians to intensively understand your vehicle and even communicate information to you in a way you will completely comprehend and apprehend by giving them the go ahead. The technician can take photos and videos of the good, the bad, and the ugly to deliver to you, along with notes and recommendations, using a tablet.
  3. Email or Text MessagesCustomers benefit from digital automobile inspections since they save time. Customers will no longer need to visit an auto shop to see what repairs are required thanks to this technology. By text messaging or email, a technician can transmit photographs and video with thorough explanations.Even if the car owner is in another city or state, they may make an educated decision regarding their vehicle’s maintenance. It’s not unusual for a technician to receive permission for a repair in a matter of minutes. Benefit from our Digital Vehicle Inspection so that you can know your vehicle is in safe hands.

Digital Vehicle Inspections at Automotion in Yerington, NV

At Automotion Service and Repair in Yerington, NV, our Digital Vehicle Inspection implementation aids us in creating a presentation for our customer while giving suggestions. Our program allows us to text or email photographs and videos of inspection results and recommendations to our customers, which help us to build trust and rapport. While verifying your recommendations, build trust and rapport.

For the Mechanic, the inspection process is simple and quick. There are no handwritten notes, only drop-down menus and buttons to press, which is highly efficient and provides the best results. The Digital Vehicle Inspection program is used on a PC, a mobile device, or a tablet. Due to this, you can have access to photographs and video alerts about any needed repairs. This service allows a client to leave the store and go about their business knowing that they can examine photographs or video of what is wrong with their car. They can then authorize a repair promptly, regardless of their location.

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At Automotion Service and Repair in Yerington, NV, we provide intensive inspection and demonstrate our recommendations to you for authorization to proceed in order to avoid wastage of money or time. This is why we are totally reliable. Schedule an appointment with us and let us help you to keep your vehicle in the best condition or Call us so that we can walk you through our services.

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