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Track Tires & Competition Tires in Lovelock, NV

Track Tires

The tires are the only thing that is in contact with the track, and they have to be able to withstand high speeds and sudden maneuvers.

Tires are one of the most important parts of a car. You can’t go out and buy just any set of tires for your car because not all tires are created equal. Tires come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and compounds. There are many things to consider when buying new tires, like: how often will you use them? What kind of driving style do you have? What kind of roads do you drive on? What size is your wheel? How much money do you want to spend?

There are many types of racing tires. The main types include Speedway Racing Tires and Slick Racing Tires.

What are Track Tires?

Extreme high-performance tires, also known as track day tires or competition tires, are the fastest driving tires available. They’re made for supercars and luxury vehicles that have a need for performance. On dry roads, track day tires are significantly better than low-performance tires — cutting down lap times and increasing speed. However, when a tire is on a wet surface, it can slip from this groove and cause what’s known as aquaplaning.

What Are Some Of Their Features & Benefits?

If you enjoy racing your vehicle, you should consider purchasing the best track tires. You might have difficulty visualizing the advantages of track day tires when your car has been performing well with more standard tires, but speedway tires are ideal for these reasons.

They’re Less Heavy

Track day tires are frequently engineered to be lighter than other types of tires. This can deliver a few benefits, the most important being improved handling and braking. When it comes to your track car, every ounce counts. Lighter racing tires mean less weight to pull around, and that can make a real difference in lap times.

They Make Tight Corners Possible

When racing, you may be required to take tight and sharp turns. This cannot be easy to achieve with more extensive tires. Best track tires make it easier to navigate your car through tight curves, allowing you to perform better in races. If you’ve been having problems making rapid turns around bends on your current tires, newer racing tires and a little practice can help you develop your timings.

They Have a Better Grip

On the other hand, competition tires will not perform well if you are driving on a slick surface, such as if you are driving in the rainy weather on more regular roads. However, because races are frequently staged on dry courses, it’s essential to get tires that will give a decent grip on a dry track. That is one of the functions of most racing tires. They will assist your car to stay on the track since they are slick, vital for safety and reliability when running. Of course, you should avoid driving a car with racing tires on wet roads; this may be pretty harmful to you as a driver and inflict additional wear and tear on your track tires.

Some not so Great Features

With the creation of track tires to have the advantages listed above, there has to be some trade off in other areas. Because of the features of competition tires there are also some disadvantages to using track day tires as well. These include:

Track Day Tires Can sometimes be Uncomfortable.

The tires are designed for extreme grip but not for comfort. The tracks are smooth, but our roads are not. If you use track day tires for regular driving, you may find that your ride is a little bumpier than usual.

Wear Factor

Depending on the type and the rubber compound, a lot of tires can last a long time. However this isn’t the case with competition tires. They are made for one purpose: going fast. Track tires need to go top speeds and around corners as quickly as possible while offering the most grip possible. These tires are pushed to their limits on the race track o every lap. The speed and driving conditions all equate to the tire wearing out faster than your typical all season tire.

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