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Oil Change

Why is Oil Change Important? – Learn About the Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

Each and every automobile engine requires oil, but not just any oil will suffice. To guarantee a long service life, modern engines are designed and manufactured to demanding standards and require oils that match the automaker’s authentic specification.

It’s usually suggested that you get your automobile into the shop for an oil change after 3,500 to 6,000 miles. These figures, however, might vary based on the make and type of your car, which your mechanic can better explain. The correct oil for your vehicle’s make and model must adhere to any particular specifications given by the engine manufacturer.

Oil change periods vary depending on the vehicle’s age, kind of oil, and your driving circumstances, but getting your oil changed intermittently is necessary for high performance of your vehicle.

Despite the fact that this is basic information, many automobile owners are neglectful when it comes to oil changes. Failure to bring your car in for regular oil maintenance can cause long-term damage to your vehicle, resulting in more money out of your pocket. Oil is a necessary component of your vehicle’s general health and operation. As a result, it is critical to stick to your oil change routine.

Here at Automotion Service and Repair in Fernley, NV, we are absolutely reliable and well equipped to aid you in oil change services.

What is the importance of getting an oil change?

  • Oil changes on a regular basis will help you retain exceptional gas mileage. If you don’t replace your oil when it’s time, your gas mileage will suffer, and you’ll have to visit the gas pumps more frequently.
  • Oil changes on a regular basis will prolong the life of your engine and increase the value of your vehicle.
  • Your engine will generate a lot of heat in order to keep your automobile functioning smoothly. While engine heat is to be expected, you never want it to overheat. Your engine is more prone to overheating if you don’t replace the oil regularly.

As you can see, keeping up with appropriate oil changes is critical for your vehicle’s health. Cars require oil to run correctly, much as humans require water to thrive.

Contact Automotion Service and Repair now for a trustworthy car technician to change your oil in Fernley, NV. Here at Automotion Service and Repair we offer various oil changing services for better performance of your vehicle.

Services we provide in a full oil change service in Fernley, NV:

  1. We check and perform standard oil replacement. Oil is necessary for lubricating moving parts in your engine, as well as cleaning and cooling it. During a regular oil change, the mechanic empties the oil and then replaces the filter. They replenish the oil in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines whenever a new filter is installed. We can also help change your oil filter to prevent engine wear or abrasion.You’ll usually be offered three types of oil for your car, each with a different viscosity: Conventional oil is produced by extracting crude oil from the ground and refining it in a facility. Full-synthetic motor oil is manufactured fully in a factory and is believed to be better for your engine. Synthetic mix oil combines synthetic and traditional oils to provide the best of both worlds while minimizing the downsides of each. High-mileage oil — This is a newer type of oil that increases overall performance in cars with a lot of miles on them.
  2. We also check the Levels of Your Coolant Antifreeze is circulated around your car while you drive to help it maintain temperature; we ensure that it never gets too hot or cold to operate. Maintaining adequate fluid levels also aids in corrosion prevention. Your certified mechanic at Automotion will check the amount of antifreeze in your system and replenish it if necessary.
  3. We perform full Brake fluid inspection when you press down on your brake pedal, you are also pressing down on your brake fluid. Due to the incompressibility of fluids, the pressure is transmitted to your brakes, bringing your car to a complete stop. If your brake fluid is low, you’ll have to exert a lot more pressure than usual to slow down, which is quite dangerous. To ensure that you’re driving safely, your mechanic will check the sensitivity of your brakes and, if necessary, apply extra fluid.

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