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Car Battery Service in Gerlach, NV

If it’s been a while since you’ve thought about your car battery, it may be time to call Automotion to have your battery checked or start shopping for a replacement.

Car Battery Service

Routine Battery Maintenance

Like everything else on your vehicle, your battery requires some routine maintenance to keep you from being stranded in the cold with a dead car. Once your battery is of a certain age, it needs to be tested annually for its ability to hold voltage while in use. Contact Automotion when it’s time to book your annual battery test in Gerlach.

There are a few critical pieces of information to keep in mind regarding your battery’s life.

  • Stay mindful of your battery’s age so you can be prepared with a replacement battery when its time comes to an end. If you are unsure of your battery’s age, you can find it on a sticker located on the top or side of the battery. The date will be in either a numeric or alphanumeric code. If the date is October 2022, the numeric code would be 10/22. With “A” representing January, “2” for February, and so forth, and by eliminating the letter “I,” the alphanumeric code would be K-2.
  • Batteries can last three to five years, depending on what climate you live in. Colder climates are ideal environments, getting almost 30% more life out of a battery than in hotter climates, like the climate in Gerlach. For this reason, those in hotter climates will need to begin annual testing at the two-year mark, while those in cold climates should start testing at the four-year mark.

By understanding these essential elements of a battery’s lifespan, you can better gauge when to start shopping for a new battery. That, combined with your annual testing, will have you ready for when that time does come.

Get the Right Size

There are significant variances between different batteries. Variances like size, terminal locations, and performance power. Choosing the right one can be difficult. Consult your owner’s manual for specifications on the size and terminal locations in your vehicle. Then consult the battery experts at Automotion to help you choose a battery that will achieve your desired results.

Check the Warranty

A battery warranty typically has two figures assigned to it that represent two separate parts of the warranty.

  • Free-replacement period. This appears as the first of two two-digit numbers. It represents the number of months you are entitled to a free-replacement battery should yours die.
  • Prorated period. This is the second of the two-digit numbers that represent the number of months during which you are entitled to partial reimbursement. The reimbursement amounts tend to drop off pretty significantly once the prorated period begins.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Auto Battery Needs near Gerlach, NV

Ideally, you want to find a battery with the best free replacement period possible. The typical free-replacement period on a new battery is two years.

When the extreme Nevada heat finally drains your battery for good, contact the experts at Automation to discuss your car battery needs in Gerlach, NV. Our team can help you determine the best battery to keep your car at peak performance.

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