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Snow Tires in Reno, NV

Snow Tires

We can’t stress enough the importance of having a proper set of snow tires to help you stay safe and prepared for any weather conditions. Some drivers purchase all season tires, however, there is a clear and noticeable difference in control during the cold winter months with unpredictable weather conditions.

Why are Snow Tires so Important?

  • Snow tires are manufactured to provide reliable handling and shorter stopping length in cold temperatures
  • Snow tires are created from a special compound that does not harden in the cold weather, which allows the tire to grip to the road better and increase traction
  • Using winter tires can help reduce stopping distances by 30% – 40% on snow, ice or cold pavement

The Evolution of Winter Tires

The first models of snow tires were useful for heavy snow, but were very noisy because of their deep treads. Newer tire models are developed for more than just snow, they also provide traction for driving on ice, hard packed snow and even cold/wet pavement. Because of the evolution of winter tires, some also refer to them as cold weather tires.

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