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The personal is always outstanding!! Jose Hernandez Jan 1, 2023
This is my first review I’ve ever written, but Automotion is very deserving of a 5 star review for their unbelievable Honesty. I did all the wrenching on my own cars and I am good at it. Then I bought a new Acura TL in 2006 and I let the dealer do some of the pm. Then I moved back to Reno, had new Michelins installed and took the Acura for an alignment at a well- known shop in Sparks. I had been taking my pickup to them since 1994 for alignments and rotor and drum resurfacing. (It was now July 2012.) The lady owner in the office was grumpy to say the least as was the owner. Their alignment tech put the Acura on the rack. He later came into the waiting area and said the Acura needed the front right lower ball joint and right rear trailing link replaced. I thought wow! $1200 for parts and labor. The Acura only had 80k on it. I trusted him. The owner said they needed a $100 deposit to order the parts. I gave him the $100 and asked for a receipt. He went off the rails and refused to give me one. Finally he scribbled $100 deposit on a pink invoice without listing what it was for with a lot of anger. I finally realized I was being conned and took my Acura to Automotion and explained what the other shop said needed to be replaced. Mark scoffed and said an Acura with 80k. His tech put the car on the rack, checked for defective parts and voila, no parts needed replacement and he did the alignment. Honesty! They could have, but did not take me to the cleaners. About 2014, I again took the Acura to Automotion to have the front brake pads replaced. The tech took the wheel off, took the pads out and showed them to me and said you got another 30k or 40k to go. Only a $50 service charge. See Honesty. They could have had me again but didn’t. I am 79 years of age and still doing my own wrenching, but when I am unable to do so I will ask Automotion to take over. Thank You for being so honest with me. This review is a long time coming but now you have it. Kasia Stephens Jan 1, 2023
Very knowledgeable and friendly. John Vandall Jan 1, 2023
I had phoned this repair shop, they sounded like they care about their customers and enjoy working on autos. I recommend this place. RichSanchez Sanche Nov 11, 2022
Jon, Bill and Scott were my contacts. Very personable and professional. My '99 Jaguar required a fuel pump and associated parts replacement. It's a difficult job. They performed the replacement quickly. I was very impressed with Auto Motion and recommend them highly! charles wise Nov 11, 2022
Great shop very thorough and professional, positive attitudes from everyone I spoke with. Highly recommend shop easy to find with a comfortable lounge. They offer complimentary drinks during your wait time. All the way around great experience at Automotion of Reno NV Kevin Osbourn Oct 10, 2022
Ok, new owner and now I believe in them. It is a quality and trustworthy shop. David Mansfield Oct 10, 2022
Ive been taking my cars to Automotion for over thirty years. They aren't the least expensive car repair shop in the Reno area but if they say something needs to be repaired I don't question their advice. Bruce Titus Sep 9, 2022
These guys are great. Super professional and good communicators. I have an older first gen Sprinter that needed work. They handled it beautifully and I'm back on the road now. Top notch work and it came in at the estimated price to boot. Den Satake Aug 8, 2022
New ownership in the last year. My old review is no longer a reflection of any personal experience. I have no current information to report. My past ranking was 5 stars. Paw nShop Rocker Apr 4, 2022
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