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European Car Repair in Sparks, NV


The European automobile industry has risen to the top of the world. European automakers are known for their high-quality vehicles, cutting-edge technology, and forward-thinking marketing and design.

European automobiles have the best weather resilience of any type. They aren’t prone to rusting all that frequently. The majority of European automobiles are composed of hot-dip galvanized steel, which means they have a very low danger of rusting. Because Europe experiences harsh winter weather, automobiles have superior exterior coatings to protect them from storms and snow. They are also loaded with high-end amenities.

Automakers went to great lengths to assure the safety of both the driver and the passengers. European automobiles come standard with a variety of safety features and hardware. Airbags that cover the entire vehicle, lane assist, braking assist, and collision warning are all popular safety features in European vehicles.

European Automobiles may be classy and highly recognizable when it comes to luxury vehicles but they are significantly low when it comes to dependability. Price and elegance don’t usually translate to dependability. There is frequently an inverse link. A lot of power equipment, electrical gizmos, and complexity come standard on big luxury automobiles and that implies greater expenditure for anything to go wrong. This explains why an European vehicle may not be so reliable.

Although European Cars may not be particularly dependable, with regular maintenance, at a reputable service center, your vehicle may last longer than expected. At Automotion Service and Repair, we offer various repair services and routine maintenance with optimum affordability. We have certified technicians with exclusive customer service who are also highly-skilled and will know what your vehicle needs and deliver it. Whether you are in Las Vegas or Sparks, come to the best auto repair shop and service your Mercedes Benz, Audi or other European vehicle.

Services we provide

Regular Maintenance Services

It’s a proven truth that frequent, high-quality maintenance increases your vehicle’s life. It also provides you with the necessary peace of mind. We have you covered for everything from factory planned maintenance to repairs, as well as more specialized services like computer diagnostics and safety and emissions tests. Our basic maintenance vehicle service includes brake repair, shocks, struts, suspension, and steering. We want to be your first option when it comes to maintenance and vehicle servicing.

Engine Services

It’s difficult not to be upset or even concerned when the check engine light illuminates. We understand how you’re feeling, and we’re here to assist you! We provide a comprehensive engine performance assessment, as well as engine repair and engine replacement services, at Automotion. With Reno automobile repair services like drivability diagnostics and fuel injection repair and servicing, we do our best to save you money and time. Our expert specialists got into this company because they are passionate about automobiles: they want your vehicle to operate like new, and our engine auto services will help you achieve that goal.

Air Conditioning Services

Trust Automotion for the best cooling and heating auto repair service in Sparks. We provide a comprehensive variety of heating and cooling system diagnostics, as well as heating and cooling system repair and servicing. Our skilled experts can also repair and replace belts, compressors, and evaporators.

Electrical System Services

Hands down, Automotion delivers the greatest electrical auto servicing in Sparks. Whether your power steering has lost its “power” or your car requires power lock repair, we want to be your first option. Trust Automotion for all of your Sparks automobile repair needs, from alternators to windows and everything in between.

When things don’t go as planned on the road, you have peace of mind with Automotion Service and Repair. Call away whether you need Roadside Assistance or a new car battery. Looking for a mechanic? You can trust us. We provide a wide range of car services and strive to deliver high quality service with a long-term warranty.

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