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Ford Repair in Sparks, NV


Stop by Automotion for all of your Ford repair and service needs! We offer incredible service with our highly trained technicians, making your next vehicle repair a breeze.

We have vast experience working with all type of Ford vehicles – Fusions, Explorers, Escapes, F-series, Mustangs and more.

We are a great dealership alternative in Sparks, NV. We offer all repairs and services as a dealership would, while still keeping your vehicle warranty intact. Call today to book your Ford vehicle for one of the many service we offer below.

Ford Services Available

View this list for complete service and repair options for Ford drivers in the surrounding area.

Visit Automotion For Ford Repair & Services near Sparks, NV

We also offer personalization and/or customization services for your Ford vehicle in Sparks, NV. Call today for accessory options like lift kits, leveling kits, custom wheels and accessories in Sparks, NV.

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