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Air Conditioning and Heating Repair in Reno, NV

For years drivers went without any way to produce cool air or remove warm air from their vehicles. When air conditioning was added as standard to vehicles it was a ‘cool’ day (pun intended).

Automobile heating and air conditioning have the same features as a standard air conditioner and heater, except they can be operated on a much smaller scale. Over time, however, A/C fittings or heaters can loosen, seals, hoses, and O-rings wear out, and your refreshingly icy blasts will cease.

That’s where we come in. Automotion Repair and Service can do all the work on your car a c systems so you can enjoy the seasonal months without any problems.

In order to fix a problem, you must start by diagnosing the cause of the HVAC system malfunction.

The following are some identifiers to find out if your car’s air conditioner is working properly:

  • The compressor also uses engine power in the same way as the steering and water pump. During a compressor clutch failure, there is a possibility that the compressor will be put under excessive load, resulting in a breakdown. This causes the engine to overheat, and thus it does not blow air.
  • Insufficient refrigerant levels, a damaged condenser, or a damaged compressor belt may cause your air conditioning system to stop working.
  • In the event your air conditioner hasn’t been used for a while, bacteria and fungi may form, resulting in an unpleasant odor.
  • Your car can be humid inside during the summertime for a number of reasons, but the most common cause is usually trapped contaminants and moisture within the air conditioner.
  • In the event that a loud, high-pitched whirring noise is heard while operating the air conditioner, it might be caused by a short compressor bearing (if the noise is coming from the engine bay). If, however, the noise is coming from inside the cabin, it could be the blower fan assembly that needs to be repaired.

The following are some ways to find out if your car’s heater is working properly:

  1. Despite an adequate coolant level in your car, the heater core could be blocked. A coolant channel is required for the coolant to enter the heater core. If your car’s heating core is clogged, the heater will not function.
  2.  After the engine has had enough time to heat up, you have a faulty thermostat if your temperature gauge still reads C. The cooling system may not run in this situation, and your heater core will not receive any coolant, so it can’t send hot air into your cabin.
  3. If your car has leaks in the hoses, radiator, and water pump, make sure you inspect them all thoroughly. Whenever you notice any sign of water leaking from your car you should have your car inspected at Automotion.

Despite that, there are a number of ways to diversify your automotive repair needs, and our team of automotive repair specialists is comprised of technicians with a combined experience of decades.

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