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Welcome to Automotion!

Premium Automotive Service in Reno, NV

If you’re looking for exotic and luxury auto repair in Reno, NV, you’ve found us. Here at Automotion we work hard to earn your trust and loyalty. We know how important it is to find a Reno car service you can rely on, so your satisfaction is our top priority each and every day.

Our professional automotive service offers you years of combined expertise from our well-trained technicians. We treat our auto repair professionals well because we value their skill and can-do attitude. We know our team sets us apart, saving you time and money, not to mention worry. When it comes to auto repair in Reno, we are totally confident that Automotion is the best option in town!

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Our Customer Reviews

One of last auto repairs that really takes care of you. A little late, but the price was right.

Rick Funston Feb 2, 2023

I am very happy with the service and the staff this place is great.they continue with great customerservice and knowledge. I brought my car in and they did a complete cooling system job, all the hoses the belt's and replaced the radiator with one of their guaranteed ones. Great job Everything they work on is always done right and all the staff care and it shows

Mark Stevenson Aug 8, 2018

The personal is always outstanding!!

Jose Hernandez Jan 1, 2023

Very knowledgeable and friendly.

John Vandall Jan 1, 2023

I had phoned this repair shop, they sounded like they care about their customers and enjoy working on autos. I recommend this place.

RichSanchez Sanche Nov 11, 2022

Jon, Bill and Scott were my contacts. Very personable and professional. My '99 Jaguar required a fuel pump and associated parts replacement. It's a difficult job. They performed the replacement quickly. I was very impressed with Auto Motion and recommend them highly!

charles wise Nov 11, 2022

Great shop very thorough and professional, positive attitudes from everyone I spoke with. Highly recommend shop easy to find with a comfortable lounge. They offer complimentary drinks during your wait time. All the way around great experience at Automotion of Reno NV

Kevin Osbourn Oct 10, 2022

Ok, new owner and now I believe in them. It is a quality and trustworthy shop.

David Mansfield Oct 10, 2022

Ive been taking my cars to Automotion for over thirty years. They aren't the least expensive car repair shop in the Reno area but if they say something needs to be repaired I don't question their advice.

Bruce Titus Sep 9, 2022

These guys are great. Super professional and good communicators. I have an older first gen Sprinter that needed work. They handled it beautifully and I'm back on the road now. Top notch work and it came in at the estimated price to boot.

Den Satake Aug 8, 2022

New ownership in the last year. My old review is no longer a reflection of any personal experience. I have no current information to report. My past ranking was 5 stars.

Paw nShop Rocker Jul 7, 2019

I always take my cars to automotion. I've had quality engine jobs done there, head rebuild, valve jobs, and other improvements. They stand by their work. They also give courtesy rides if your destination is within a reasonable distance. They are pricey, but you get what you pay for. I definitely recommend.

Nate Burkett Apr 4, 2022

Fast appointment schedule. Great helpful staff. Called to report a problem found on inspection and completed the work same day. Reasonable pricing

Konrad Kotrady Apr 4, 2022

Great and knowledgeable staff who love ❤️ cars and really know how to make them happy! 😆

Lou Manna Apr 4, 2022

I was explained in detail what was going to be worked with my vehicle and also what else needed to be taken care of in the future along with an estimated price.

Theo Apr 4, 2022

Great customer service and very convenient.

Ayda Mehadi Mar 3, 2022

they worked on 83 Chevy truck and got the carb fixed great and fast with no haste.

Jacob Greene Mar 3, 2022

Theses guys are great! Had an oil change and inspections done. Previous visits include new tires, alignment and headlight changes. They never try and upsell me on stuff I don't need. They are honest and try and save me money rather than get all they can out of me like other shops in town. It's a very clean shop, the employees are very respectful and I recommend them HIGHLY. I have attached a photo of my favorite shop employee.

Paula Blakeney Feb 2, 2022

Good service on my Saab 2003 Saab

Gary Oswald Feb 2, 2022

Automotion is very thorough which is what I want in my auto maintenance. I have found the personnel very cordial and professional . The former owners ran a good operation and this seems to have continued with the new owners although there have been some turnover in employees--a sign of the times. The costs are substantial, but the work is high quality and service is outstanding. Just as an example, a ride was provided from the busines to my house after I dropped off my vehicle, and I was also picked up and driven to Automotion when the service work was done. I highly recommend Automotion for customers who want high quality not cheap automotive services. You get what you pay for.

Keith Ching Feb 2, 2022

Had the pleasure of speaking to the New owners Amazing individual give this place a shot under new Owner

Kevin Burley Dec 12, 2021

I recently purchased a cls550 that had more problems than I thought. I took it to automotion and in 3 days he had the entire car ready. The car runs better than I thought it ever would, I’m amazed. the pictures and videos they take to show you what’s going on really brings peace of mind knowing your not paying for something you don’t need. Thank you automotion team!

Julio Alarcon Dec 12, 2021

They're great 🤎 the employees are very professional, kind and sweet. We really associate the attention they gave my son and I while at their place of business. I highly recommend them 👌🏽

Stephany Ulloa Nov 11, 2021


Terry Wasik Oct 10, 2021

Highly recommend. Working with Nick has always been an easy process. Very trustworthy system and reliable techs.

Chad Grayot Oct 10, 2021

For my experience, I was not satisfied with having to authorize, at minimum, 2 hours @ $150ish p/ hr to diagnose the check engine light code, if needed. It took over two hours. They provided an explanation when I asked, but I still don't agree or fully understand what $150 p/ hr covers. The car was in the shop two days because the wrong part was ordered or delivered. That is still a satisfactory turn around time in my opinion, but under delivered on what they said.

Thomas J DeRosier Oct 10, 2021

They are the best, knowledgeable, thorough, friendly. Twenty years and counting!

Lori McKinsey Sep 9, 2021
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